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Bringing LTC Planning into Client Conversations

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

The first quarter of 2021 is coming to an end, and hopefully things are getting back to some level of normalcy for everyone. I just want to remind you that LTC planning is an important part of your client’s retirement and should be a part of your practice – but it doesn’t have to take over your practice.

Bringing LTC Planning into client conversations can seem daunting, but UMS makes it so easy for you. You’ve probably seen our profile form that helps you have a conversation with your client and gather some information that will help point us in the direction of which solution might work best. (If not, be sure to ask for it!) We then do the back office work of shopping the case, running illustrations, etc. But then we take it one step further!

We offer a few options for helping you through the LTC Planning Conversation. First, we can do one-on-one conference calls with you and your client to review the potential solutions and answer their questions – all while you are still 100% the writing agent.

Not sure how to bring up the conversation? Listen to the replay of the webinar below that goes through how to have what type of conversation with which client.

Second, if you don't want to have these first conversations one at a time, but prefer a group, we offer client webinars. We provide the speaker, the presentation, the invitations – you just invite your clients and follow up with them after the session.

Finally, are you looking to drip on your clients to let them know you are the person to talk to about LTC planning when they have questions? And they do have questions! Almost half the sales I see, start with “my client asked me”…. We have marketing pieces for email, mail, and Social Media. And since we create most of our own materials, if there is something else you want, we can probably work with you to make that happen.

So if LTC hasn’t been a big part of your 2021 business yet, it isn’t too late to start. Give me a call for any of the materials, I mentioned, training videos, marketing pieces.

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