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The more you stay in contact with your clients, the more you build a trusting foundation for
life-long clients.


Because we recognize the importance of staying in touch, we believe in giving you options for a variety of methods to communicate with your clients.  To stay in touch regularly, we have developed and designed custom marketing pieces for many areas of your business.  We also have a Graphic Design Team that can help customize your communication!  Contact us to learn more about these Elite services! 

When you are contracted with UMS, you have access to our Agent Portal and marketing library, including white papers, postcards, brochures, and more.  

  • Case Consultations to Help You with Underwriting and Product Selection

  • Access to 40+ Leading Insurance Companies 

  • Competitive Compensation Schedules 

  • Elite Services and Conferences

  • Advanced Market Support

  • Educational Workshops & CE/CPE Classes

  • Association and Employer Group 

  • Turn-Key Pension Planning 

  • Custom marketing materials 

  • Unlimited Motivational Support! 

Why Should You Choose UMS?

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