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Ready for LTC Awareness Month

November is LTC Awareness Month! This is a perfect time to let your clients know about the importance of LTC planning and that YOU are their person to talk to. (BTW - I’ve seen various studies that show between 80%-85% of all LTC sales are actually started by the client. So that means people are asking about it, do they know to ask you?)

How can you get the message out to your clients? The short answer is - in any way you want. But, it helps to share a variety of messages and delivery methods. It can be subtle messages on social media talking about the cost of care in your area. A more direct approach of postcards and letters talking about the importance of planning early and what the impact of not planning can have, not on them, but on their loved one. You can also use client videos on your website or a more personalized approach of emailing videos to your clients. And of course, asking every client you talk to, "What is your plan to pay for extended healthcare costs? I’m updating my files."

Any combination of these will get the message out. The important part is for you to drip these concepts to your clients so that when they have a question, they know to ask you. You don’t want to hear THIS in an appointment:

YOU: “Have you done anything about protecting your retirement lifestyle in the event of an extended healthcare event?”

CLIENT: “Yes – I just took out a policy, I didn’t know you did that."

So, spend some time this week thinking of your approach with clients for LTC Awareness Month. And the best part? UMS has the materials you need to assist you in accomplishing your goals, in November and all year long. Throughout November UMS gives sales ideas, hosts webinars, provides additional blogs posts, videos, and other resources, so keep your eye out for them! In the meantime, don't wait! Call me and let’s talk about your marketing strategy for long term care planning.

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