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Talk to your clients about Disability Insurance by making a plan and making it part of your routine. Let UMS help you design a way to reach more clients?



To put together a good plan for talking to clients about Disability Insurance, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Gather your favorite resources. 

  2. Create a contact list using your current book of clients as well as any new leads from Social Media, referrals, friends, & family that you can talk to...or talk to Tricia about how UMS can help you build up your current list.

  3. Send/Share resources to create understanding and awareness about the importance of Disability Insurance. 
    (use Social Media, Email, Mail, Phone, etc.)

  4. Follow up and set appointments with those interested in learning more.

  5. Discuss their needs and address any questions or objections.

  6. Follow up again with those who need to "think about it." 

  7. Contact UMS for more individual case help!

When it comes to Disability Insurance, you can talk to anyone! No one expects an illness or disability to strike, let alone keep them out of work for a long time. Without disability insurance, 50% of Americans said they would use their savings to help them meet expenses if they were unable to work due to illness or injury.  This statistic from a new Life Happens survey, "The New American Milestones" highlights the need for a reality check when it comes to protecting families and their financial future.

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Disability Income Awareness month 5 Ques


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