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May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

May is Disability Insurance Awareness month. This year it seems to hit home a little more than in years past. There is a scary reality as I sit here and write this, millions of Americans have just received their last paycheck and don’t know when they will be able to return to work to collect their next one. And that wasn’t caused by an illness or injury they have. That is a heartbreaking reality. But things will return to normal. Businesses will reopen, employees will return to work, social gatherings will resume, but it won’t be life as usually, it will be a “new normal”. This situation has been a wake-up call to many of us about emergency funds and the what if’s in life. For many of your clients they can be wondering what happens to them and their family if their paycheck stops again, but this time due to their personal inability to go to work because of an accident or illness they suffer? How long could they pay their bills? How long could they afford their health insurance? Have you protected their paycheck with disability insurance? Disability insurance protects more than income, it protects the family. It is what keeps at least one stress out of what is already a difficult situation when dealing with an injury or illness. It can help keep your client in the GAME (Gas, Auto, Mortgage, Electric). During this time many people have realized they don’t have the savings they thought they did and just cutting back on the non essentials is not as easy as they thought. Fewer employees are covered at work, and voluntary group plans, often times are not portable.

Your clients need to know that they can be covered by a plan that is theirs no matter how many times they change jobs in their life. Disability Income Insurance can cover more than just base salaries. UMS can help you cover commissions and annual bonuses that may make up a majority of the money your clients use for living expenses.

As producers, you may be very familiar with Disability Income Insurance or you may have little experience offering it to clients. Either way, UMS is here to help you. Whether you want to break into this market or have been helping clients with DI for awhile, this May could be a great opportunity to let clients know that you can help. Talk to Underwriters Marketing Service about how to let your clients know about this valuable protection. Then talk to your clients about protecting their most valuable asset – not their home, 401K or money market accounts – their income.

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