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Mothers...and the Unexpected.

My mother passed away 10 years ago this year, 10 years too soon if you ask me, but it is what we expect to have happen through life. But 4 months ago my 29 year old daughter Stephanie also passed away, which is NOT what was ever expected.

Why I mention this specifically is related to life insurance. When Stephanie had her child just over 2 years ago, I discussed life insurance for her, no interest. When she began her most recent position, the job of her dreams working one-on-one with autistic children, the employer offered her life insurance which she opted out of; I know because I spoke to her employer. So, my husband and I carried the cost of her funeral. Why didn’t Stephanie want life insurance? Because she was young and had years and years ahead of her. But she didn’t.

As a daughter, and a mother, and now a grandmother, I have seen first-hand the impact of having or NOT having life insurance. If you do nothing else with your clients, talk to them and their children about life insurance and the tremendous value it provides at points in time such as these.

If your mothers are still living, call them this Mother’s Day, hug them if you can. And hug, kiss and hug again your children no matter how old they are….no one knows how much time we have left. Happy Mother’s Day to all with Love!

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