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Disability Income Awareness Month: Protecting Income

Original publication date: 5/2023 Reprint 2024

May is Disability Awareness month. Every year it seems we talk about the same thing, that while some one is working their most valuable asset is their paycheck. Why isn’t the message changing much? First – because it’s true. When people think of their most valuable asset, they may list their home, their car, their 401K, but it is actually their paycheck. Their paycheck is what allows them to fund all of those other assets. It is also their most vulnerable asset. Sadly, 1 in 4 American’s entering the workforce today will be disabled for at least a year.

Second – the message still hasn’t reached consumers. Most people do not have adequate DI coverage. The Social Security administration believes that 67% of those working in the private sector do not have DI coverage. How many of your clients does that impact? How about your own families?

At this point we know the stats on disability, 7 in 10 Americans couldn’t live more than 1 month without their paycheck, 1 in 4 working age people today will be disabled for at least 12 months at some point during their career. And most of us have a story of a friend, family member or client who’s working life changed due to an accident or illness.

Talk to Underwriters Marketing Service about how to let your clients know about this valuable protection. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to see Social Media pieces that are available for sharing. Then talk to your clients about protecting their most valuable asset – not their home, 401K or money market accounts – but their income.

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