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What exactly is the Jewish Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement? 

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During this Life Insurance Awareness month, we have compiled a 3-step process to build relationships with clients, offer them resources, and write business - ALL ONLINE!

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There are many different definitions of ‘Final Expense.’ What most definitions have in common is a low death benefit, permanent coverage and older issue ages. This guide walks you through several categories of products available to satisfy these needs.

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A program designed to encourage grandparents to purchase a gift of life insurance for their grandchildren, leaving a lasting legacy of their love.

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Need a little motivation to write more Med Supp this year? You can receive a cash bonus when you sell Medicare Supplement with Mutual of Omaha. 

UMS will provide everything you need to help you communicate important topics to your clients via webinar.

Focus on the Client.
We'll handle the rest. 

Holistic, personal and responsive

brokerage services and marketing support

for the independent insurance professional.


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