Craig W. Klenk, LLIF, FLMI, CLU, ChFC, MSFS

Vice President of Sales, American National Insurance Company

Planning for the Certainty of Uncertainty

Do you understand how to protect and grow your kingdom while protecting your client’s kingdom through living benefits?  What you don’t know may hurt you and your client.


Does the use of big data in underwriting help or hurt your clients?  You need to know before submitting the application.  How does express underwriting help the agent/advisor in the right client situation?


Kim O'Brien, MBA

Chief Advocate, Americans for Asset Protection

The Fiduciary Quagmire:  What’s In Store for Insurance Professionals


Kim, who has been meeting with federal and state lawmakers and consulting on a half-dozen court cases, will outline the landscape and landmines of insurance planning and recommendations. You will learn what you need to know to not only protect your business, but to build it!  


Jamie Shuster Morgan, Esq. 

Fendrick & Morgan, LLC

Estate Planning for the Modern Family


What do you and your clients need to know about the current state of the federal and New Jersey estate taxes?  Jamie will showcase planning for the modern family including planning to preserve client assets and keep those assets in their bloodlines.


Steve Zimmerman,
Sales Vice President, North American Company for Life And Health Insurance®

Planning in the Business Market


Join us for a fast paced session where we explore how living benefits can be a spark to grow your sales. The current economic climate paired with customer’s needs make life insurance solutions more effective than ever before. We will equip you with the latest product and process tools available today, and help you plan for a strong finish in 2018.

Jeff Podraza,


Business Development
Vice President, Brokerage
Life Sales, Philadelphia
Nationwide Financial

Jake Lovell, CLTC Nationwide

Regional CareMatters Wholesaler

Long Term Care Fantasy
versus Reality 


Often there is a big difference between what clients think will happen when it comes to extended healthcare vs. what actually happens.  Join Jeff and Jake for their session as they share how Nationwide offers solutions and tools to help you conquer the informal caregiving crisis.

Tom Granata

Sales Manager, American National Insurance Company

Turnkey Pensions and What Else is Working at American National!

This presentation will primarily focus on the American National pension program and the opportunity involved for all agents. Then we will spend a little time on what else is working at American National – GUL, Term with Living Benefits,
Flex Annuities and how we can help you reach more clients than ever!

Corri Campbell,CLTC
Regional Vice President,
Genworth Financial

Protecting the "Realm" -

The Aging Challenge


Join us to hear how Genworth is streamlining its approach to the aging challenge. We will discuss not only the evolution of the industry, but also the evolution of the sales process.  Learn what consumers are saying about Long Term Care planning and insurance and pick up some helpful hints on conversation starters.

Patrick Butler
Internal Sales Manager
Allianz Life Insurance Company
of North America

Positioning of Fixed Index Annuities and Powerful Tools for You


Position the #1 selling product in the industry by showing how a 1.2% return from a Fixed Index Annuity can give more income than a 7.2% return in the market.  Also, learn how to help cut healthcare costs in half for clients throughout retirement by creating a healthcare pension.  

Brad Shepard, CLTC

Regional Sales Director, 
One America Financial Partners

Why are Asset-Based Long Term Care Solutions Growing So FAST?

During this informative session you will learn the history of the LTC industry and why your clients and prospects expect more from Long Term Care Insurance. In addition, OneAmerica is a leader in the solutions and you will hear how your clients may use Qualified accounts, current/future income, cash value in existing Life or Annuities and Cash Lump Sum to fund a true Long Term Care solution.

Steve Walther
Recruiting and Training Director
National Life

Lifetime Protection: 
The Old Kind vs The New Kind


Steve is going to share with you ideas that will generate new insurance sales from new clients and new sales from your existing clients.  If you aren’t talking to your clients about living benefit riders TODAY, somebody else will be soon.  Having that conversation sooner rather than later will open the door to helping more people and creating more sales!

Chris Salamon
Regional Vice President
Protective Life Insurance Company

Policy Review: Multiple Opportunities from a Simple Review


Position the #1 selling product in the industry and ways to position this with clients. This will include showing how a 1.2% return from a Fixed Index Annuity can give more income than a 7.2% return in the market.  Also, learn how to help cut healthcare costs in half for clients throughout retirement by creating a healthcare pension.  


External Wholesaler, 
Lincoln Financial

Gene Fetter,

Regional Sales Director, Lincoln Financiall

Two Simple Planning Ideas Utilizing a Cash Driven IUL Product

Many producers know what IUL is, but many don't know how to use it effectively. This session will give you 2 ideas you can use with Lincoln products to help you plan with your clients.  By using a cash driven IUL product, your clients can get the most from their life insurance.



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