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A Unique Perspective on Your Women Clients

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

By Trudy Kulikowski, Marketing Manager, Underwriters Marketing Service

As a Mother of 8, Grandmother of 21, a Great Grandmother and full time working woman for over 31 years, I know this article is a MUST READ….. As more and more women are influencing financial decisions or making them alone, I felt it was important to share a woman's perspective. As both a woman client and the Marketing Manager for UMS, I have the ability to see both sides of this issue. As a producer, it's important to serve your women clients in a unique way. We all know that men and women handle things differently. Even though we are all faced with this Pandemic, women especially need to be strong throughout these uncertain times. They are working, schooling kids, keeping up with family and friends, and in general may be taking on more and more as we go through an uncertain time. As a Mother and Grandmother, I know that women really do everything in their power to hold their families together. We need to be strong through all adversities that are thrown our way and help support each other with love and kindness. Mothers tend to be good listeners and are often heading households and decisions on a daily basis. Just knowing that you are supporting them means everything to them, they know they are not alone. As Insurance Agents or Advisors, we need to be there for our clients as this is the time to really step up to the plate and reach out to them and let them know that they are not alone. Pay special attention to women clients, whether they are married, single, widowed, divorced, working or retired. They all have different emotional and financial needs. We need to be good listeners for them too.

Plan your strategies today. Reach out to each of them. I have always said when you meet with a couple, it's best to have both Husband and Wife (if married) present for any conversation that you have with them, but especially now. We know at this time, we cannot meet one-on-one but we can certainly talk with them over the phone, use Skype, FaceTime or other ways including Social Media.

Some tips I have picked up in my years of experience working in the industry: Women typically will ask more questions. Studies have shown women put a lot of importance on personal treatment. How you treat them and answer their questions bears a lot of influence on whether or not you gain the sale.

There are many ways to communicate today including Social Media, emails, and mail. We use these methods to keep clients updated, but don't forget the power of personal touch. Women are known as the "Heart of the Family" and are more likely to use various methods to keep in touch with their families. However, most people, especially women still like that personal touch of a real live phone call that shows you truly care.

From my perspective, if you follow your heart and do everything in your power to help them through this crisis, you will never be forgotten! Clients will remember you as someone who really cared. You will definitely reap many benefits as they will refer you to other clients because they trusted you.

And remember our motto at UMS is we are “Always there for you!”

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