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Take our Medicare Supplement Success Challenge! 

UMS wants you to succeed in 2021.  How does an extra $8,000 a year sound? Through UMS, you can start earning compounded commissions (first-year rates for the first six years) over six years selling Medicare Supplements in an explosive marketplace that’s constantly expanding. 




With nearly 10,000 enrollees in Medicare every single day, there are many who need your help! Your clients (and potential clients) are making decisions about Medicare every day of the year, not just during open enrollment. They can change their traditional policy at any time (with underwriting.) This is a year round sales opportunity.  


UMS is ready to help.  These are easy conversations to have over the phone PLUS with e-applications, policies sent directly to the client, and initial premiums paid via bank draft, this is a natural sale during today’s social distancing.  

We offer several carriers that don’t require ANY testing or certification, all you need is your health license! We can provide you with custom marketing material, rates, applications and support to help you start conversations with your clients. Reach out to them before your clients have conversations with other agents.

Start your education here and then contact Tricia to work through your cases. 

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