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Fast Track Your Life Sales 
Using a Simple, 8-POINT Yellow Pad Approach

According to Mike, one of our top advisors, "I used to use a 10-page client profile form. Then it went to 3 pages, now it's down to one page." His approach has enabled him to make his life easier, and to close more business. Now you can too.


The key is to keep it simple and to address the following:

  1. Get all the basics down.  (you know: DOB, Full Name, Address, Phone)

  2. Ask the MOST important question: "What are you trying to accomplish?" (Asking open-ended questions has a key benefit which you will learn in the video!)

  3. Say, "Tell me about your family," vs. asking "Are you married? Do you have kids?" (Learn how discussing hobbies, occupation, and more can lead to referrals!)



To see more, check out the video above!  Then make sure to use those points on your very own yellow pad with the client.

To really Fast-Track your Life sales, contact the Life Team for the full 8-question list and we can show you where and when this method works best. 

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