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Did you get your copy of the “IUL Advantage” Sales Toolkit?

(Loaded with sales and prospecting tools, fully customizable)



Fact: IUL has been the fastest-growing life product over the past few years, representing almost 30% of all fixed insurance sales.


Fact: With the right strategy, tools and resources, producers are exponentially increasing their production – now you can too…


By working with UMS, you can gain immediate, customized access to the “IUL Advantage” Sales Toolkit. This toolkit includes:


•    Our top IUL/Life Fact Finder and Client Questionnaire

•    A proven, customized Client Seminar Presentation “The Three Sisters” 

•    College Funding and Financial Review Pre-Approach Letters

•    How to Achieve a Tax-Free Retirement White Paper

•    Client FAQs and Handouts

•    Client Overview of IUL and how it works


To get your complimentary copy of the “Talking Points” Example call us today at 800-524-1774 to talk with Tory.

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