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FACC was founded officially on July 4th, 2020 and we share with America the same principles and focus on the independence of all Americans to choose and pursue the freedoms of life, liberty, and happiness.


FACC is governed and guided by independent marketing organizations and agencies who distribute annuities, life, and long term care products. FACC's vision and mission is to promote and foster:


A level playing field for independent insurance professionals by advocating and influencing practices, regulations, and legislation that foster consumer choice.

Regulatory awareness and acknowledgement of independent distribution

Workable and administratively feasible compliance rules, policies, and guidance

Improved awareness of the tools and strategies available to support IMOs and BGAs


FACC is dedicated to advancing independent marketing organizations and agencies who promote guaranteed insurance solutions to insurance professionals and giving members opportunities for education, advancement, and improvement in all aspects of their businesses.




Please join our celebration of independence and support FACC today!


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