A NEW way to chat

Talking to new prospects and clients is always important.
But, it may require additional creativity these days.  Whether 
you want to reach out to new people and offer solutions or further trusting relationships with current clients, UMS has you covered. 

Whether you typically find clients through seminars or events, or visit with clients in one-on-on appointments, there's a way to do it - where there's a will, there's a way! We have compiled a few resources for you to use in each situation.  

I typically do meetings/seminars and workshops.  What can I do?

Hold a virtual event!

You can use Facebook Live, Zoom, or YouTube to name a few.  Send out a virtual invitation to prospects and clients telling them about your virtual event. 

I can't go to one-on-one appointments right now.  What else can I do? 


You can meet with clients via phone, FaceTime or Zoom and talk just like you would in person. 
With our non-med products, your clients can practice social distancing and still get coverage they need.


Gestures of good will and building client relationships daily can make a big difference in your clients' lives right now.  Not everything has to result in a sale to be good business. 
Simply posting helpful tips or calls/messages just to check in or ask if there's anything you can do to help means a lot to those you are in contact with.  You can share things from from
the UMS Facebook page or post your own helpful tips.  

Focus on the 24 hours right in front of you.