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2020 Marketing Strategy: Adapt and Overcome

with Denise Nye, Wally Jandoli, Alex Rascianato, and Monique Castillo

When 2020 hit, we all had a vision for how it would go. Then BOOM!  We had to adjust and make a new plan.  These producers were able to do just that AND have some tremendous success. By making the best of an unforseen situation, these three successful producers found ways to reach new clients, serve current clients, and learn some new tricks along the way!  Tune into our panel to hear how they adapted and overcame all that 2020 has thrown at us so far! 

Strategies for Addressing Unplanned Healthcare Costs in Retirement
with Tim Lockwood

The reality is that an extended healthcare need could be a life-changing event, not only for you but your family.  Healthcare expenses are often not paid for by Medicare/Medicaid in the way we think. Review the costs in retirement and how to set up next steps for clients, including a more efficient way to plan for the risk. 

Living and Succeeding in Interesting Times

with Steve Walther

Are you waiting around for things to get back to "normal?" Or are you going out and making things happen no matter what the circumstances? What you do right now can make all the difference in your success. Life Insurance can do many things to address client needs right now. Explore risks and solutions with National Life. 

Next Level Term Sales

Steve Zimmerman 

We will be discussing top agent insights and selling with confidence in spite of this year’s challenges in life insurance. How do you take what you are currently doing with term sales and take it up a level? I’ll show you!

Life Settlements: Campaign in a Box 

with Chris Orestis

Do you have clients who have an unwanted or unneeded life insurance policy? What are their options? Depending on their health, a life settlement may be a good choice. Let’s talk about a pre-made campaign to help you address an underserved or niche market!

Today’s Best
Interest Rules

Kim O’Brien

Kim will give a brief update on the NAIC and what is happening behind the scenes with the “best interest” regulation model which will impact distribution of annuity products. Kim will review adjustments & new compliance requirements for producers.

Embracing the Opportunity: 5 Ideas to Use Now 

with Linas Sudzius, JD, CLU®, ChFC

Linas Sudzius is with us to discuss an important question: In this ever-changing world, how do you deliver support for your clients? In this keynote session, we give you 5 starting points and topics to reach
out to new clients, serve current clients and begin conversations that build credibility and trust. 

The Economy Today
with Benjamin Ayers

The economic recovery from the COVID-19 recession has gotten off to a strong start. Can this momentum continue over the rest of 2020 and into 2021? What signs should we look at along the road to recovery? This keynote session includes details on interest rates, Fed policy and rebounding of equity markets from this year’s bear market. We will discuss trends we can expect for markets in the year ahead.

The Alzheimer’s Tsunami & Extended Care
with Jack Broyles

Often, clients know someone who is suffering or has suffered with Alzheimer's. Jack Broyles is here as a keynote speaker to discuss the most asked questions regarding the disease such as: What is the difference between Alzheimer's and Dementia? How accurate is the diagnosis? How does this disease affect a client's family and finances? How can you help? Learn about how the answers affect your business and your ability to help your clients. 

Break  Through the Noise: Marketing Yourself 

with Melissa Finnegan

Learn the art of communication when it comes to bringing your message to clients successfully. Master the words to use, and lose, when talking to clients.  From writing emails to leaving voicemails, this keynote session will teach you some best practices to break through the noise of the everyday. 


IUL & FIA in 2020 and Beyond
with Julie Harkins & Kaleisha Thody 

When things are rough, you look for a company with strength behind it. Find out how Allianz is handling IUL and FIA business in 2020 and beyond.  What does the ideal client conversation look like right now? How do you position products to meet client needs in a topsy-turvy time? Tune in and take away some exciting ideas.  

No-Touch Life Insurance

with Deanna Abrams

SBLI offers Term insurance, but they have been one of the leaders when it comes to applications that don't require you to be in-person. When you have to do business virtually or put clients at ease, using no-touch life insurance may be the answer. Tune into the session to learn how easy it is to reach clients and complete cases virtually! 

What Top Annuity Producers are Doing in Today’s Virtual World

with Jake Mollman

Doing business virtually requires a slightly different skillset than in-person. But we have the tools to help you. Introducing Project Apex! We will also be sharing top agent insights into what’s been working for them.

How to Talk About LTC Right Now 

with Jeff Podraza

Talking to clients about Long Term Care can seem difficult.  How do you bring it up? It was hard BEFORE the pandemic.  Why would you bring it up now? Jeff Podraza has at least 3 good reasons you will hear when you tune into the session that talks about why talking about LTC isn't only a good idea right now, it's necessary! 

The Story of You: Retirement Plan Solutions for Business Owners

with Jonathan Sacks

Do you work with small businesses?  American National specializes in helping small business owners. When discussing qualified plans, we want to know how they fit, where they fit, what they do, and what their advantages are. This session will give you tools like scripts to get started right away in talking to small business clients now.  

The Important Things Last a Lifetime
with Brad Shepard

During this informative session you will learn the best ways to position the LTC Planning conversation and how to protect your clients in the event of needing extended health care. OneAmerica offers many premium funding options and tax advantages to meet the needs of most prospects.

Lessons from the Field: Finding the Money for Retirement 

Jessica L. DiLella, CLU® 

You already know the basics, but how do you dig deeper into the components of retirement funding? What questions do you ask so clients can plan for income, risk and legacy? In this session we will discuss the answers to those questions and products that will help you from Sagicor.

Strategies to Help You Overcome Objections

with Dustin Carlson

Sometimes what you say or don't say wins the day! Learn smart strategies to help overcome prospective client objections when it comes to Annuities, RMD and Roth Conversion concepts. Use these in your next client presentations and help clarify client concerns so they can feel comfortable moving forward to meet their financial goals. 

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