Succeeding in an Era of Constant Change


Today's market is more complex than ever before.  Chuck DiVencenzo, President of NAFA discussed when things around us are in a constant state of change, success IS possible.  
He discussed changes in compliance, volatility, and the continual state of flux in the industry.  

Key Elements of a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

Jeff Miller gave a comprehensive look at online marketing and how to connect with your clients digitally as well as generate leads.  Jeff helped agents get past the clicks and traffic to understand ways to close more sales.  You can view a copy of his presentation here.

The Ins and Outs of Life Care and Long Term Care Planning

In just 30 years, current estimates show that 17 million Americans will be receiving Long Term Care.  Your clients being able to pay for care and plan for that care is critical to their financial fitness in retirement and beyond. Jamie Morgan, Esq. helped producers explore options for their clients.

Taking Pressure Off Your Client's Portfolio

This session from Allianz discussed the pressure from risks, income and growth that clients experience all leading to depletion of client money sooner than expected. 2 strategies were offered to help clients address this issue. 

Meeting Client Needs: Are you a One Trick Pony or a Handy Man?

Steve from National Life says your clients come to you with problems to solve.  If you are specialized into only one thing, your competition may be gaining the client relationship...They offered tools to arm agents and advisors with the tools needed to resolve and tackle a multitude of client challenges. 

Tax Advantages for the Individual

Nationwide was on hand to discuss their newest addition CareMatters II. Those who attended this session learned how it was uniquely positioned to offer more tax advantages than any other Nationwide product.

Myths & Facts: Understanding Today's Life Settlement Marketplace

This surprise producer favorite educated insurance agents on the secondary market for Life Insurance. Often many seniors just trash their life policy when they could be turning that trash into treasure with a Life Settlement. As this market has evolved over the past 30 years into a mainstream financial tool, it has become a valuable niche market. UMS is hosting a LIVE session in both Mt. Laurel, NJ & Edison, NJ if you want to learn more. Register here.

401(k) & Qualified Plans and Prospecting Small Business Owners


This session highlighted reaching out to business owners to discuss their current plan and give them options that could lead to better protection for their future.  There were many ideas shared for talking to small business owner clients about their current situation as well as preparations for the future. 

Helping Clients Live the Dream and The Power of Starting Early


Protecting businesses and increasing client retention while protecting wealth and retirement income is the name of the game.  The focus of this session was using extended healthcare planning to get ahead of the game.  By taking advantage of compounding LTC benefit growth, quick strategies were offered to help with income planning and wealth transfer. 

Special Needs Planning: Equitable But Not Equal

Special Needs Planning presents its own challenges.  In the session at the Symposium, Bob shared how to build a client base as well as strategies and questions to ask clients in this niche market.  It was a very informative session! 

All Accumulation is Not the Same

When it comes to saving, clients often choose from a list of strategies that may not be well suited to their goals. This session showed possibilities when it comes to accumulation and ways to share those options with clients. 

Solving the Retirement Gap

Being able to maintain a pre-retirement lifestyle is the main goal of most retirees, however many highly-compensated people cannot achieve that goal easily. In this session, David Greene shared solutions available for clients to fill the retirement gap.   

Leveraging DI to Replicate Your 7-Figure Clients

7 Figure clients often have the same problems as other people, just with different numbers.  Most traditional solutions are designed for mid-market segments.  These high earning clients need different options.  This session showed producers cases and ways to structure policies to suit their client's goals. 

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