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Let's Face It

Your clients are just a phone call away from a sudden unexpected medical or healthcare expense. This could devastate their ability to pay for their coverages and their plan for retirement you've helped them put in place. The truth is that their income gap COULD become your income gap. 

If 70% of your clients need to find an extra $70,000 a year to cover expenses, would you be worried?  That's what could happen when they face a retirement income gap, jeopardizing the income strategy you and your client worked hard to create.  The great income gap happens when individuals' and couples' retirement income needs drastically change - unexpectedly - and their expenses suddenly exceed their budget. It's possible your clients will experience this if they have a chronic health condition or physical disability requiring long term care (LTC) services in retirement.  

If your clients aren't prepared for income gap, they'll likely have to spend down their assets much quicker than planned. Have you thought about how this would affect your business?  There's a strategy that can help prevent your clients from spending down their assets, help add protection for their retirement, and put MORE into your pocket instead of LESS.  Work with your clients to create a financial strategy that includes Asset-Based LTC Solutions.  

Contact the LTC Team at UMS for more on the retirement income gap and how to set up a plan with clients that can benefit everyone!